Reset, Reenergize, Refocus, Go!

In the last month I have ran a total of 8 days and 75 miles following my 31-mile drop at Fuego Y Agua.  For some perspective, 75 miles is roughly my weekly average.  The down time has been somewhat planned given the breathing issues I had in Nicaragua and somewhat forced with the new position I took at Hampton Creek Foods.  And over the course of this month as I have directed my focus and energy into my new job, I have had an opportunity to truly absorb the awesomeness of what we are going to accomplish.  What success can look like if we execute our vision.  What that can mean for the food system throughout the world.  A vision that unlike most other tech startups, will deliver meaningful innovation. A vision that I am outright fucking proud to be a part of.  This is a big shift from entering this year having my primary focus on my passion for running.  That focus made it very easy to draft up my optimal training schedule around the other priorities in my life.  Fuego Y Agua, Way Too Cool, Lake Sonoma, Miwok, Western Sates…  Barkley Marathons!  I had what I would consider a perfect 6-month lineup up races.   But things change…

So I am sitting here on a flight to one of our contract manufacturers; my mind shifting back and forth between ideas, tasks, plans, and goals for our supply chain and operations at Hampton Creek Foods.  Excited to work with a group of extremely smart and passionate individuals.  Content with my decision to pull out of Way Too Cool due to my breathing issue that I am working to correct.  Content with my decision to pull out of not only the hardest race in the world to get into, but the hardest race to complete; Barkley Marathons.  I have made huge adjustments to my plans already but have not come up with the master plan for tackling the big ideas I have for our supply chain and operations while also executing big plans for my running.  Something has to give, or does it? My plan is to, well, plan.  Set priorities, plan, monitor, and adjust.

  • Priority 1:  My well being and happiness, which at a high level translates into my health and the people in my life that I love.
  • Priority 2:  Hampton Creek Foods
  • Priority 3:  Running

When I list out my key priorities, running falls to the bottom of the list and it has not fallen this low on my list for a long time… scratch that… it has not fallen that low ever.  So what does priority 3 mean?  Something I love so much at priority 3 scares me.  It scares me because what if I cannot explore that passion in a way that fulfills myself?  But, why does priority 3 have to mean I will not have the time to fulfill that passion?  What would keep me from going big in all areas of my life? If running is priority 3, can I still make time for it in a way that makes me happy? Can I still compete?  Can I still explore?  What I arrived at is the reminder that if ultra running has taught me one thing, it is that limitations are simply a mental barrier we create and that those barriers can be broken in a big way.  I am reminded of this every time I tell someone unfamiliar with ultras that I run races that are 100 miles long.  So the answer is that nothing is stopping us from going big in all areas within our lives.  It just takes planning, focus, commitment, and the ability to deflect negative thought that might impact that.

So what does this mean for my running this year?  Well, it means to plan this year with focused intention and purpose.   I am going to focus on three key goals; one near term goal, one longer term, and one general goal  Goal 1, top ten at Western States.  Look at the entrant list this year and you will say I am crazy.  So, I may be crazy… cool.  Second is entering the Hardrock lottery for 2015, which means I need a qualifier.  As a birthday present to myself I am going to sign up for Run Rabbit Run 100.  My third goal is to make time to explore the Sierra’s and make sure I make time for the backcountry running adventures that I love doing.


ps, Nicaragua was insane.  More pics and stories to come.

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March 5, 2014 · 1:49 pm

One response to “Reset, Reenergize, Refocus, Go!

  1. scotty mills

    Life is all about balance, perspective, and adjustments…good for you with your planned changes and priorities…, Scotty

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